Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? To address this issue, this board discusses statistics about sexual assault and ways that you can prevent sexual assaults from happening.



Stigma Piñata


On Thursday April 12th we held an event with our residents to break a piñata. However, residents were tasked to with taking on a disability. Disabilities included having only one leg, only able to swing with one arm, or swinging with a weaker bat. We wanted to raise awareness of those with disabilities that go through life struggling to do what able-bodied people take for granted.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This St. Patrick’s Day, we were lucky to celebrate Stand Up Saturday with Mike Paramore! It was an absolute blast having some Irish cheer and laughs this St. Patrick’s Day. We left with high spirits that carried us through the rest of the night. Thank you to all who came out!


St. Patrick’s Day: It’s more than corned beef and Leprechauns


Do you not know the history behind St. Patrick’s Day? Well now you can! This board in the central lounge of the 2nd floor provides some context for who St. Patrick is and why there is a day dedicated to him. This board aims to bring insight on the past of the Irish culture and why this day has become recognized as the holiday it is today.


United We Stand: Eating Healthy with Alexandra Catalano


On March 11th, United We Stand brought in Alexandra Catalano to discuss about healthy eating while in college. Alexandra Catalano is a nutritionist, author of From Beer Bongs to Broccoli: The College Kid’s Guide to Health and Wellness, keynote speaker, healthy lifestyle expert and creator of the brand Eat Cute.

At the lecture, one of the points that she discussed about was how dieting doesn’t work because everybody’s body is different in what foods are good and bad. The biggest tip she gave to us was to be in tune with how our bodies react to certain foods. We know when something isn’t good for us. If you eat something that makes you feel unwell every time you eat it, you might benefit from cutting that out of what you eat. She also provided us many natural ways of taking care of our bodies such as the use of peppermint oil on the back of your neck and on your temples to help with headaches. If you wish to learn more, be sure to visit


Stand Up with Ms. Pat



Did you know UWP hosted the 13th Annual Ebony Weekend Conference February 23rd-25th? This conference aims to celebrate generations in the black community through workshops, entertainment, social interaction, and lectures. One entertainment event was Stand-Up Comedy with Ms. Pat on Friday 23rd! Comedy can be a useful tool in bringing people of various groups together to spark interactions and discussions. Thank you to all who came for a night of laughs!


Family Advocates Charity

This week, we are going to be raising money for Family Advocates Inc here in Platteville. Family Advocates is a nonprofit organization that provides services for victims of sexual assault and family/partner abuse. Their services include counseling, a 24-hour help line, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, and more. Let’s try our best to show support for those aiming to support those who may be struggling!