On Monday, December 12th, Dr Theron Parsons IV came to talk about Conflict Resolution that doesn’t leave a party getting arrested.angry-grandma

Some terminology that was learned:

  1. In passive strategies, you communicate in a way that protects the other person’s interests at the expense of yours.
  2. Aggressive strategies represent the other extreme where you communicate in a way that protects your interests at the expense of the other person’s.
  3. Assertive communication strategies lie in the middle. These strategies depend on approaches that protect the interests of both parties in the communication – yours and the other person’s.

Communication is key to assertive communication. Instead of saying, “Pick up your mess!” Try letting them know you don’t appreciate the mess by asking them, “Can you pick pick up this mess?”  If they say no then you have the right to ask why. If they just don’t want to pick up after themselves, that would be a good time to bring in some help by having a mediation with your RA and roommate.